Why race for others?

I started running in 2008, in my late 20′s. Since then, my love for running as grown steadily. The friends, the fitness, and the competition are just a few of the things I enjoy most. However, running can take a lot of time. I still find it difficult to get up at 5AM (sometimes earlier) to get a run in before work or church. I started asking myself, “why run?” If it’s such a time commitment, why do it?

Many runners before me have great answers to this question. Some of the best reasons are for our families, especially our kids. I hope being a runner eventually becomes a blessing to my two wonderful children. However, I began to realize that running for just myself or my family wouldn’t be enough. I needed something bigger. Many runners find a charity run to participate in or join training groups that encourage and even require fundraising for charity. That’s how I got the idea to start raceforothers.com.

For various goal races throughout the year, I will be asking you to make a donation to selected charities. But I’m not skipping out either. I will never ask you to donate anything more than I am. It’s never easy, but the grace of Christ compels me to live not for myself, but for the sake of others. Please join me as I race for others.

-Matt Florence

  • http://twitter.com/llaneza9 Carmen

    This is great someone else who runs for a cause like! Kudos! mine is a little more personal but I hope it makes a difference! #FF

  • http://twitter.com/TimCost TimCost

    Donated $20.00 to @raceforothers. good luck Matt. http://www.raceforothers.com