In wanting to stay in shape for basketball in the off season a buddy of mine (Louis Prebevsek) asked if I wanted to run cross-country and track for my junior year in High School . I was very hesitant to join the team because they were the people that loved to run and wore those really short shorts. I ended up taking him up on his offer, and it was not long till I really started to enjoy running. During those 2 years running in high school I became one of the runners that I never thought I would become. Soon after graduating high school I found my true passion for running when I was given the opportunity to run in college. As my passion for running grew so did wanting to push my body farther and farther to the limit. This passion led me to the thought of trying a triathlon.

After graduating college in 2004 I finished my first triathlon that same year  and have been addicted ever since. From that point forward, I have done things that I never thought possible: completing 3 sprint triathlon finishes with one victory, one olympic triathlon finish with a top 3 age group finish, and finishing two marathons under 3 hours and 32 minutes.

In finishing these races I have learned one thing and that is that you can never take your gifts for granted because they could be gone and taken from me in the blink of an eye. So in the time that I do have to use my gifts and participate in races, I feel that I should use them for more than a benefit for myself. I should use my gifts to race for others.