Week 10 in Review. August 8- 14, 2011

Monday- 55min Swim. I felt really smooth today but nothing too special. A little shorter then I wanted, but not too bad.

Tuesday- 60min Spin Class and 28min run. Really pushed my limits in spin class today and gave all that I had. Felt good on my run, but tired from biking. Ran 9:15pace and got in 3 miles.

Wednesday- 75min Swim. Put in an awesome workout today. Got in a really good rythem and kept up … read more

Week 9 in Review. August 1- 7, 2011

Monday- 45min Swim. Had a good rythem going but did not feel good about half way through the swim and became really hungry. Was not able to finish and didn’t have much energy

Tuesday- 60min Spin Class and 30min Run. Bike: Really pushed myself in class today and got out of my comfort level. I was really surprised with the results and felt good. Run: Had a really good pace going and did not push too hard. Put down … read more

Week 8 in Review. July 25 - 31, 2011

Monday- Off 

Tuesday- 60min Spin Class 30min Run. Tons of Speed work done in class today and loved it. Felt good in the class and on the run today. Run:3.54Miles @8:30 avg pace

Wednesday- Lane 8 Track Workout 1.5mile warm up, 8x400m in Lane 8 (82,83,84,83,82,83,84,80), 1mile cool down. I really pushed myself in this workout and was able to put up some great speed work times. This is a really encouraging workout, and I am loving the … read more

Week 7 in Review. July 18 - 24, 2011

Monday- Pool Closed, and no time to find another place to swim today. BUMMER!!!

 Tuesday- 60min Spin class and 30min Run. Felt really sluggush on bike and run today. Could not push or go hard like i normally do.

Wednesday- 75min swim. Swam a the Rowlett LA Fitness, because my normal was still closed. I started at a little slower pace, but was able to pick up some speed and felt better the longer I went.

Thursday- 90min Bike. Rode … read more

Week 6 in Review. July 11 - 17, 2011

Monday- 75min Swim. Good overall swim. Felt good and consistent.

Tuesday- 60min Spin Class and 30 min run. Run:8:45 avg. Really pushed myself and my legs in class today. Pushed my mental toughness alot and grew in that. Felt ok on the run, but nothing great.

Wednesday- 15min swim. The pool was just about empty and tried to make the best of it, but my hand was scratching the bottom of the pool and was not going … read more

Week 5 in Review. July 4 - 10, 2011

Monday- 1hr 30min Bike Did laps around White Rock lake. Did not fuel as well as I should have and did nto feel very good. Very sluggish on the ride today. 24.1 Miles and 18.8 avg. speed

Tuesday- 1hr spin class and 30 min run. Did not have a great spin class today. Was very sliggish again. Run was good and tried to keep pace consistent. Used Hammer Gel for the first time in class. Run: … read more

Week 4 in Review. June 27-July 3, 2011

Monday- 45min swim. Started out a little slower then normal, but it payed off because I was able to finish up faster then normal too. No shoulder pain at all.

Tuesday- 1hr spin class followed by 30min run. Pushed it in the Class, and gave what was there. Ran avg of 8:10 and felt better then before in prior weeks.

Wednesday- 45min swim. Great swim. Was able to put in a few sprint laps and then continue and … read more

Week 3 in Review. June 20-26, 2011

Monday- 45min swim- Didn’t feel great today. This was one of those I don’t want to do this but I have to so that I can get better days.

Tuesday- 1 hr Spin Class followed by 30 min Run. Worked extra hard in spin class and pushed myself. I could have hydrated a little better durring class to feel better during run.

Thursday- 30min swim. This was suppose to be a 45min, but felt really bad and … read more

Week 2 in Review. June 13-19, 2011

Monday- 45 Min swim. Felt great and very little if any tightness in my shoulder.

Tuesday- 60min spin class and 30 min run following. Got in a really good workout and really worked hard in pushing myself, and took a little easy on run. Not sure how my legs would react.

Thursday- Morning: 60 min track workout 1.5 mile warm up: 14:00 8×400 in lane 8, laps between 94-86 and  1 mile cool down: 9:12. Evening:60min Swim. Very … read more

Week 1 in Review. June 6-12, 2011

Monday- 45 min swim. Felt pritty good but had some tightness in the right Shoulder.

Wedmesday- 60  min Core workout. That hurt.

Thursday- Morning: 45min Swim. Shoulder felt better but still slightly tight. Evening: 1.5 Mile warm up, 2 mile lane 8 workout, and 2 mile cooldown. It was hot out there and finished the workout. That is all I can say about how tough this workout was.

Friday- Rest Day- Kinda. Played Softball game that night and … read more