57.2 Miles

Read below for all the details. Or visit the donation page to give now and see the progress.
(Update) Thankfully I was able complete the 50 km race. I finished in 16th place with a 5:21. Here’s the full race report.
The Recap

Sunday was my 7th marathon. The weather was ideal in Dallas for the White Rock Marathon. The conditions allowed for impressive race times and a slew of new personal records (PRs). It was a wonderful day of celebrating the sport we love so much. I wasn’t racing, so I didn’t have any pressure to make a certain time. It was quite nice actually. I enjoyed running with friends and helping them accomplish their goals. I ended up running my second fastest marathon, breaking 4 hours for only the second time, with a 3:51.

In the days preceding the marathon, I began toying with the idea of running the Texas Trails 50km ultra-marathon (31 miles) on the Saturday following the marathon (26.2 miles). I am pretty sore, but my legs seem structurally sound. So today, as I continued considering the 57.2 mile adventure, I stumbled onto an idea.
The Fundraiser Blitz

For those who don’t know, I’m slowly evolving into a crazed ultra-runner. I also genuinely cherish helping others through my running adventures. Ultra-runners are by definition unconventional. And my crazy idea is just that; I want to try a fundraiser blitz.

Michael Hennessey set the Guinness World Record by completing 16 Ironman’s in 9 months. He did this to raise awareness for the newly founded Ironman for Kids non-profit. Ironman for Kids seeks to raise awareness of, and to support, families of children living with chromosomal disorders trisomy 13 and 18.

I’m not a tri-athlete, much less an Ironman. I was introduced to Ironman for Kids through my brother, Josh. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to do something to support their cause. I also want to dedicate this fundraiser to my brother, his wife, and two daughters. Josh and Sharon’s youngest was originally thought to have trisomy 13 but instead has a more rare condition, tetrasomy 13. Elisabetta is a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. I can barely comprehend the strength it must require to care for a child with complex medical needs. I believe the sacrifices Josh and Sharon make for their children is an awe inspiring display of love.
The Challenge

So, here’s the plan. Two weeks. Fifty people. Twenty dollars per person. One thousand dollars to help families living with trisomy.

But there’s a catch. If you want me to try my crazy, 6 day, 57.2 total mile adventure, I want to make it half way to the goal by Friday. That means I need 25 of you to donate $20 each in 4 days.
Half Way in Four Days

Just to review… I know we can do this, but I need your help. Just to make sure everybody understands. When 25 people donate $20 each before Friday, 12/10/2010, then we will celebrate by having me run 31 miles on Saturday, 12/11/2010. After that we have one more week to raise $500 more to make the $1,000 goal.

All donations go directly to Ironman for Kids, a 501c3 nonprofit, and are tax deductible.
Visit the donation page to give now and see the progress.
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