57.2 Miles

Sunday was my 7th marathon. The weather was ideal in Dallas for the White Rock Marathon. The conditions allowed for impressive race times and a slew of new personal records (PRs). It was a wonderful day of celebrating the sport we love so much. I wasn’t racing … read more

I came, I saw, I ran a long way


It still hasn’t sunk in. I did it. I am an ultra-runner. It’s all strangely anti-climactic, but I suppose it’s no surprise. I approached this race nonchalantly. Not that I trained poorly or got cocky or anything like that. But I really played down the ultra part in my mind. I looked forward to my first 50K as just another opportunity to do what I love: go for a long trail run. I especially looked … read more

Pikes Peak Marathon 2010

by flickr user cobalt123

I’ve written before about the intensity of emotion after finishing a long distance foot race. There’s something about those moments when I am broken down to my core. I am humbled beyond comprehension but still proud. The humility leads to a deep thankfulness, one I don’t feel often enough in everyday life … read more

The 3.1 Sticker

Chris Barber has created a terrific site over at seriousrunning.com. I particularly enjoyed the Leadville 100 training camp posts. In case you didn’t know, I am just a little bit enamored with the Leadville 100. I share a love of trail running with Chris for many of the reasons he outlined in his latest post. On the trail, finishing matters more than PR’s. Sharing the experience with fellow runners matters more than winning your age … read more

Headlands Marathon


How do you run a marathon and feel lazy at the end? Run one that also has a 50 mile ultra-marathon option. And make it the toughest course you’ve ever run with 11,000 ft. of elevation change (22,000 ft. for 50 miles). As you finish, most of the folks you’ve been running with for hours turn around and go out for more. Yes, I’m crazy, but those people are really crazy! Ah the security of relativistic sanity. Here is my report of the Headlands Marathon … read more



Yesterday I announced my intentions to contribute 19 cents per mile I run in August to Kelly’s FMSC fundraiser. It cost just $0.19 to feed a hungry child one meal. The more the merrier; if you are curious to join in the challenge, check out this blog post of Kelly’s. How will I keep track of all those miles? For me there’s no question: Dailymile.com. Dailymile is like facebook or twitter but for runners. I’ve … read more

More Than Numbers

In April I wrapped up my first ever charity fundraiser. Here are a few interesting statistics…

I’m thrilled with these results. But these are just numbers. As I compiled this data I had the opportunity to see everyone’s name again. I received donations from family, friends from church, former classmates, coworkers, friends of friends (one of whom, I’ve never met), and even a few online friends I’ve not met in real life either. It was one of the most exciting and rewarding times in my life … read more

Solitary Or Social


I rather enjoy thinking. That is, I’m a thinker. Quite infrequently I’m lucky enough to have my thoughts coalesce into coherent writing. Today, I finally got my internet research ADD tendency under control and had some ideas coalesce into something that, well, seems somewhat coherent to me … read more

"An Honest Sport" - An Interview with Martina

Boston 2010

Martina Crevecoeur was in the first running class I mentored. Her story is inspirational, and I’m very proud of her accomplishments. She graciously agreed to share an interview. She has some really crazy stories. I also hope you are encouraged by her words. Enjoy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? … read more

“… and you ran really fast!”

Austin, Matt, and Jeremy

irst, I want to send out a huge thank you to my buddies who paced me in the last 11 miles, Austin and Jeremy. I also want to thank Amber, Austin’s wife, for chauffeuring the guys around town. And finally a very special thanks to my wife, Sarah. She got the kids out to three different spots on the course to cheer me on. It was very special to see you all during and after the race.

Since I started coaching at Run On, I noticed my own training became more consistent … read more