The Run Streak is Reborn

Last week was a huge week for me. I summited Mt. Rainier (climb report coming soon),  I completed my first solid month of streaking for good, and I … accidentally broke the run streak. I slept in Friday morning and put off my easy one-miler for Friday night. Later that evening I got distracted with finally unpacking all my climbing gear and totally forgot to run! Lesson learned: GET OUT OF BED, MATT!!!

Tatoosh range seen after descending through clouds from Mt Rainier summit.

I’m proud of my 34 day run streak. I look forward to shattering it. I’m already back up to 4. To celebrate my first ever solid month (plus a bit extra on the front side) of running I’m donating $34 to the Feed My Starving Children fundraiser. That means every day I ran at least a mile, I helped supply 4 meals to hungry kids. There’s no better way to give meaning to my miles than to turn them into meals for those in need. Here’s to many more days, weeks, and months of streaking!

Read all about the Feed My Starving Children fundraiser and consider participating in whatever way you would like.

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